Pictures for M&G Question


Hey all.

I attended the concert at Pier 17 in NY yesterday and had an excellent time. I was able to attend the meet and greet there. They already uploaded photos that fans took with Mike to the website, however I don’t see me there.

Has anyone else had this experience? The initial email says to give it a few days, so that’s what I do. I just find it odd that they would upload some photos with Mike and wait to upload others later, especially if it was taken with the same camera (though maybe they did have another camera person jump in in-between the line).

So if I wait a few days and don’t see my picture, is there anyone I can contact or anything I can do about that? Most likely not. I was worried I may have had my eyes closed or the picture came out blurry, but the camera person said it was good. I was really excited to have a photo op with Mike to share with my friends and family but as of right now it is not looking good

Thanks all!

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Someone else had a similar question recently…try searching for it, if I see it I will link but I haven’t been on as much as usual
But they were in the same boat…if all else fails maybe emailing lpuhq could be your first try

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Thank you,

I did some research and they were pretty much questions about photos from a concert as a whole and not individual ones that were missing from the set. When I get home tonight I’ll do some research on who I can contact from LPUHQ. I don’t mind waiting, but I am worried only because those other photos were posted.


I have the same issue right now. I received the link, but my photos aren’t in there. I’m hoping they just haven’t uploaded all of them.