Phoenix launched a podcast!

For those who are unaware, Dave, Mark Fiore and Brendan Steele (pro golfer) have just launched a new podcast titled Member Guest.

One episode has been posted so far, with special guest, M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold.

While the majority of the hour+ conversation is focused on golf, about 39-40 minutes in, the topic switches to Avenged’s new record, and at around the 49 minute mark, starts a really deep and insightful talk about Chester, and the Rev and the show at the Hollywood Bowl.

If nothing else, that alone is worth a listen.


Is anybody able to listen to Phoenix’s previous podcast venture, the As We Go Podcast? I tried different websites, but the audio doesn’t play.

This is unavailable in my country when I open it in iTunes:

Episode 2 with Tré Cool is up now. Him and Phoenix at one point talk about how they each got their nicknames.

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i have iphone. it’s available under the podcast app. not sure how to go about listening to it elsewhere. he had a website. you might be able to hear it there… shrug

Lol, obviously I had already tried his website, but none of the audio worked. Looks like the website (buzzsprout) that helped them host the audio have removed them.