Order Status: Complete?

So, i’ve ordered my Living Things bundle, obviously i’ve gained access to here and LT will be shipped on release date, but when do I get my LPU11 stuff, has that been shipped or does order complete mean its waiting to be shipped?

Because, i can’t wait till’ 25th June till i get my Laynard, Laminate and LPUCD (It says i get that, do I?), I don’t get this shipping process…

Please explain!

(I ordered on 23rd April if that helps)

Shipping will take about 6 weeks from when you ordered.

I had to buy the LPU11 CD separately but got that (along with my lanyard and LPUX CD) within two weeks of placing the order.

Alright, thanks… So do i still get the LPU11 CD?

[quote=@kevinkane]Alright, thanks… So do i still get the LPU11 CD?
Usually takes a couple of weeks depending where you live. I bought many stuff on a $1 sale weeks ago and got everything got here very fast. Still the LPU pass hasn’t arrived.