Opinions on Linkin Park and Incubus Together for Tour?

What do you guys think of the blend of Incubus and Linkin Park sharing the stage for the upcoming tour?

I’ve never been the biggest Incubus fans. Sure they have certain songs that i know and can bob my head to, but I was never blown away by their music.

Maybe their performance will surprise me.


Never heard of Incubus. I dont really care who they tour with because its for a new album :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really know about Incubus neither but am I the only who think there’s almost like… no venues in the tour? Like only a dozen and no ‘‘major’’ venues… Another tour during autumn maybe?

Two highly creative bands with great lyrics. Incubus will mellow you out before Linkin Park comes on and rocks the house. Good choice though I’d rather see Muse and Linkin Park together.

I love Incubus, although I’ve only heard a few songs. I hope they play the songs I know :slight_smile:
Anna Molly is good and so is Drive. I recomend those.
Other than that i think they are totally different…well based on the songs I’ve heard but i like them.

I just started getting into Incubus’ music recently. They’re really unique and different and I like that .Alot of their music is sort of mellow. I’d love to see them perform with LP. I think it will be an amazing show.

Linkin Park is my favourite and Incubus happens to be my boyfriend’s favourite, so when I discovered that they are touring together, I was on cloud nine! Perfect birthday gift for my boyfriend that him and I can both enjoy!!! Also, Incubus is amazing! They’ve been around a long time and have always made great music that we’ve all heard of whether we realize it or not. I’ve never seen them live, so I’m really looking forward to it!

Funny thing is that the other day, before I knew about this concert, my boyfriend and I were listening to Incubus in his car and I said that they actually reminded me of LP in a way. What a strange coincidence!

I haven’t really listened to Incubus aside from a few singles on the radio here and there. Pretty good band, but like I said … Haven’t really listened to them. Either way, I like what I hear and as long as they rock, theyre fine by me. They would suit eachother quite well.

LP is finally coming back to Vancouver (last time they were here was like 2003 … and I missed it). I’m just excited for that.

It shouldn’t interest me, cause (unfortunately) I don’t live in the US. But I must say that Incubus never was a band I would die to see live. They have a handful of songs i like but that’s it.

I envy the people who were able to see Pendulum and The Prodigy!! What did we get? The Futureheads. wow. xD

what I’m curious about is them “sharing” the stage will reduce the amount of the song that LP will sing?? that’s the most important thing to me honestly. If yes then I’ll drive all the way to CT cuz LP shows there alone. =))

I cant wait im actually listing 2 Incubus now haha…imma go 2 the show in Jersey so whoever is down hit me up :slight_smile: