Onirics (Band): Musical Project



Post updated!



Post updated!
The limit is 10 mentions per post. I had to mention you apart. I hope that you don’t matter.


Stupid limit :expressionless:. I’ll check out the new stuff now

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UPD: Love it, really cool… seems something like LP’s 2006-2007 demos I think

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Did you found the other song?

Ahhh… Maybe… but for that is necessary the audio in good quality.

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I can’t find the music ?

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No music file yet. Just the lyrics.


Checking it tonight, thanx for tagging :sunny:

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Oh haha I misread the convo above

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Not at all, thanks for tagging! I’ll check the updates!

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So pretty!! :blush: nice written!

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  • We have been working in add the bass and the drums in this last months.
  • There are 2 new songs that we are discussing if add them to the EP or not.
  • We just have finished 4 songs.
  • When we end this process, maybe, we can share it.

Cool! I’m curious to hear your music. What kind of style are your songs? (It’s okay if you don’t wanna tell yet)

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To explain this better I’d need the audio file first and I don’t have here now. Once we have the file ready, I will try to post the link here.


SO nice!! waiting to hear it! :smile:


As some of you know we don’t have a real drum, bass and many other things. So basically we do what we can, the last days my brother bought some stuff to record.

We are more close to the release of the album, this 2018 will be amazing!

From all the songs we have, there are 5 unfinished yet, also we’re seeing the option of make 2 covers (Obstacle 1 - Interpol; One More Light - Linkin Park) for the tour.

More updates soon.


Curious looking forward me :tada::grin::+1:t2:

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Awesome! Are you using any virtual instruments?


We were using Guitar Pro 5.2 just to give us an idea of how the song would sound, now we are working with a program (I forgot the name) that is helping us to work better and more fast.


Nice. I don’t know much of Guitar Pro, but I think it’s only for editing guitar recordings right?