"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

For those who are ready to listen to it.


This channel has recently leaked various acapellas and multitracks of One More Light songs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYgY_5DgIM90QMmqOeAeqFg/playlists


A demo from the One More Light sessions has leaked!

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Several fans on Twitter decided to not share it out of respect, since we can assume the band didn’t really want it out. I’ve downloaded the song but I don’t want to spread it, and I don’t know if I’ll listen to it.

Just saying :V


Okay I see. Removed the link :slight_smile: But we can still talk about it! It actually doesn’t really sound like the other songs on OML to me

I’ve listened to it now, it’s decent.

I’m somewhat confused about why the song is not being shared though. I assumed it was because Chester was on it, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The community has openly shared leaked songs in the past (She Couldn’t, the Xero Rapology tracks) and demos of OML even. Why is this different?

Edit: Adam has expressed his opinions/authority on the matter on Twitter, so that is what I’m going to stick by when it comes to this stuff on the forum. I assume general discussion is still acceptable, but no downloads or even embedded audio/video. Not to say anyone here was going against that, but it is a useful point of reference going forward


What? Where?


I missed it too. I want to hear!

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So, after everyone talkes about it, I want to listen to it too. Looked a little and was shocked about all the hatred I stumbled in. And didn’t found it. So I try to be patient, it will come.

If you want to listen, you have to look it up for yourself. Leaks are not permitted to be shared apparently. Not sure if it’s even still up there anymore

I found it last night, and I love it!

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I can see why they didn’t include this song, I feel like I’ve heard that chord progression in a hundred other songs

It was One More Light’s two year anniversary a couple days ago. They added some more merch to the Linkin Park store and made some discounts if anyone missed it.


If anyone buys that red hoodie, let me know. I’d love a new Linkin Park hoodie but I want to know if it’s worth buying