One LP collectors webpage

I have an idea :slight_smile:
Many of us have our own Linkin Park collection webpage or use some kind of a blog. Why do we not make one website, that we all use? Make it easy to see each other’s stuff and swap things :slight_smile:
What do you think?

Maybe LP or LPU could make the website :wink:

Good idea, but quite hard to make that happen I think

LPCollectors .com was in the process, but we still have no idea when it will finally be up.

Something good is in the process of making. seem to have lazy people working on it apparently :stuck_out_tongue: Either it will be full of cool things or just similiar to the one from 2006/7. IMHO it’s already taking too long! And the idea of one website for all collectors is nice, would be cool to have a sale/trade options there + a rating and feedback system :smiley: Will see someday :slight_smile:

Great idea! Unsure how it would work though? How would you fund it?
Would need quite a bit of space for people to upload all their pics, etc.

Great idea in previous post ^^ about trade options, etc. At least then Ginger would have an easier time selling his Crawling DVD, hahahaha.

Yeah, im waiting for the LPC to be up. Me and Will did a small section on but it took A LOT of time. I am willing to help out JomJom if i can get in contact with him. I have some experience with websites.

Also, I have uploaded some of my scans to the LPA gallery. Im planning to upload the rest soon. It just takes a fair bit of time to do it… So repetitive and boring uploading. Check it here

I don’t think this is a good idea. I at least would stick to my own homepage.

But it would be cool if the LPcollectors site will be finished soon… it would be a good reference to normalize our description and catalog number of each item.

But I doubt that JomJom or whoever is working on that project anymore…