Once Upon A Tale

The lady was like, “What are you talking about? Of course I am human! :cry: :sob: !!!”

"Meanwhile, Chester, feet still hurting, asked Dave, “Phoenix, what dog were you talking about? I remembered you used to have dogs, what happened to them, eh?”:

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And soon the portals of the skies opened up and landed on the ground, masked in the whites overall,* the assailant mercenary of the dark skies*. He came up to the group and said, we (referring to the lady, himself and a bunch of others looking at the band from the portal above) seek redemption for we are…

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“Take me to your leader!” said the lady/

“Leader? haha” Mike know, that his reaction was very strange, to laugh at this dead-eyed-lady,“Sorry M´me, we have no further leader…or maybe our dog´s, what so ya think?” looking over to Dave, who can´t get Mike laughing in this mom,

“Mike, can´t you see the seriousness of this compleat unreal situation? This lady seems to be ´awaken undead´?”

yow howdie
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“What are you talking about?!?! Don’t you see the ufo?!” the lady asked.

Just then the UFO landed in the dried out pool.

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The UFO landed on the planet. The lights beamed high and low, blinked, twinkled and then died down. The center crest opened slightly, and the supreme leader’s shadow began to appear. Everyone was astonished. The guy and the lady bowed down. the band was worried sick.

And then the leader showed his face to the world. “Welcome on Earth.” said gently the lady to Pigeon, the Pharaoh.

[OT: @The_early_walker the song is from Muse’s 2015 album Drones.]

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Pidgeon, the pharao [lol :joy: I get on my knees) looks appearentlyaround with his needle stick eyes…

@amitrish, don´t wanna read, link the song/vid again, if it won´t botheer you ???:yum:

Mike, you’re the

of the next

So you must be met.

@The_early_walker the song again:

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@samuel_the_leader that occasion was too sweet to not do it due time-shit-stress, and I´ve a great idea how the story goes on, thanx for posting the vid, take it with me to listen in b++++r+++ thanx & have a nice day…cya ev!

edit for n ot posting again= a classical pas de deux FANTASTIC; GREAT SONG!

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“What is this?!?!!?!” Mike yelped out confused and slowly moved away because he felt quite uncomfortable.

Mike continued, “Go on, I know you want to.”

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The Pigeon stood up, came up to everyone and greeted all. “I mean no harm.”, he announced. “I have been cursed by the evil tormentor popularly known as the E.T. The world think he’s a simple alien 'cuz he washed out everyone’s memory with the movie but in reality, he is a demon. Look what he’s done to me.”

Everyone was shocked to see the Pharaoh evolve into half human, half pigeon.

“E.T.?” Rob was like, “Oh, so you mean this creature over here…”:

Everyone was even more shocked. :scream:

The E.T. has been right in front of them the entire time!!!

“Whoa!!” shocked and surprised at the same time, every one looked at each other in astonishment. They felt something has changed, but couldn’t place what it was until the ET asked, “Are you looking for me?” in the Lady-like voice.

Meanwhile, the real lady got out of the bathroom and was like, “What aliens are you talking about?”

Click on the vid first, then go on to read, cause this time it´s not followed by pics but by music, I think fits real good…

“Men, don´t take the swirl inhere, let´s go outside, fast men”, the voice of Mike was so clear that it hit´s the others like a knife into their stomach, everybody knows: that has to be done, no Q´s, emergency call like they all we´re in feet not even taking a second, while running at the top, Mike yelleped to Mr. Haaahn, to shut the saftey door, that was not burned, and as an automatic reaction, Joe did, what Mike ordered him too .and pulls the switch…

They ran, alltogether till Rob, the brain, shouted: “STOP, can anybody here tell me, what´s the hell is going on here and why we´re doing this absolute adrenalinic forced run here?” By looking in each others eyes, cause everybody reacted even to Robs Alert, the have to laugh till they hold to held their stomach. “Shhhshhh, listen:” there was a slight noise

…Gurrrrrrrrrr Guuuuuurr GurGurrrrrrrrrrGuruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, they all where frezed, Brad was the mosst cool one in this Situation:“Hey c´mon guys, lets face the situation, don´t panic, noone, we´re getting it only if focused on, ok?” Immediately Mike joint in, “Yes, Braddy, as so often, you´re right:
let´s face the situation…” Chester, giving his chewing gum another round to plopp, nods…

Then Mike fell to the floor.

So the guys continued running, then they bumped into:

(Read the fb comments in the pic)

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