NJ camden show, tickets

Anyone going to the show on Aug 17th in NJ who havent bought their tickets yet? I wanna get pit tickets off this resale site but i can only buy 2 or more, anyone else wanna buy the other? $200 each…

Get one off ebay for 175. You can buy only one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-3-TIX-Honda-Civic-Tour-Linkin-Park-Incubus-8-17-Susquehanna-Bank-Center/250976487379?pt=US_Tickets_all_in_one&hash=item3a6f5d47d3

Or you can get an actual seat which I think is better unless you are a young buck and want to mosh and stand the whole time lol, 102 row v for 160 each.