Nice to meet you!

hey Soldier. welcome you on board…

Meteora is my fav too :heart:

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@estupida i like meteora as well, but i love hybrid theory it is my favorite album. It gets me hyped.

Nice to meet you. :blush::slight_smile:

Both are incredible … their music makes me feel a lot of things

@estupida their music is just wonderful those two albums.

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Love them all❤

Yup I hear ya :blush: I love all of the songs on those albums. LINKIN PARK FOR LIFE. :heart_eyes:


@estupida is a real nice nickname, guess ya italian mate? Welcome!

I’m a Chilean fan, but thanks :sweat_smile:I didn’t kow which nick to use… Jejejeej


Nice to meet you too! Is that your drawing? Really amazing! :smiley:

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Hello everybody! I’m from Poland, new in here, joined today. I hope I’ll have wonderful time in here! ^^


Cześć! Tu masz bardziej rozwinięty wątek: Where do you live? jakiekolwiek pytania lub wątpliwości nie krępuj się i pytaj. Baw się dobrze :slight_smile:

@Fortkas welcome a board you will enjoy it.

Hello everyone :wave: new here, from Finland

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Hellou! :raised_hands:

May you have a happy continuation of life.

Hello everyone!!!:grin: i’m from Italy!! Welcome to all new members​:blush: