Nice long songs

There also No Ordinary Love by Deftones. It’s a Sade Cover I think its 5:40 also :stuck_out_tongue:

LP doesn’t really have long songs. But I liked their idea, to put A Thousand Suns into ONE long song. But that’s not compatible with the masses :wink:

I listen a lot to post-rock bands. So here comes a few very nice and very long songs:

  • Music For A Forgotten Future (23:09) - Mogwai
  • A Simple Plan (16:14) - Milhaven
  • Untitled 7 (13:00) - Sigur Ros

Led Zeppelin - When the levee breaks - 7:08
Led Zeppelin - In my time of dying - 11:06, epicepicepic!
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir - 8:28
Ministry - Scarecrow - 8:22
Slipknot - Gehenna - 6:53
Slipknot - Danger, keep away - 3:14 (Special edition CD - 7:56)
Children of Bodom - Hate crew deathroll - 6:38
Gooral - Nadzieje sieje - 5:59

The longest sons from various artists which I have in my CDs collection. Check them out!

I have some favorite long songs:

Loreena McKennitt with “The Mystic’s Dream” - 7 minutes 42 seconds.
OneRepublic with “Waking Up” - 6 minutes and 8 seconds.
Muse with “Knights of Cydonia” - 6 minutes and 7 seconds. (And New Born)
Snow Patrol with “Run” - 5 minutes and 57 seconds.

Guns N Roses - November Rain

And maaany many jazz pieces…

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check out

Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely
The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival Of The Birds & Transformation
(it is two songs, but they really fit together)

The Doors - Celebration of the Lizard (An Experiment/Work in Progress) - 17:09 (Waiting For The Sun Re-Issue, 2006.)
Rush - 2112 - 20:33 (2112, 1976)
Pink Floyd - Echoes - 23:29 (Meddle, 1971)
Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand - 10:25 (Presence, 1976)
Tool - Parabola (video version) - 10:11 (Lateralus, 2002)
Tool - Vicarious - 8:48 (10,000 Days, 2006)

Pretty much anything by Opeth!

The Grand Conjuration is 10:21
Ghost of Perdition 10:59
Blackwater Park 12:05

kanye west - hearless - VH1 performance
heartless version 10 mins long

not a fan of him but great version of that song

Metallica - Master of Puppets
it’s 8:38 min. long

Free Bird from the band Lynyrd Skynyrd
or almost any instrumental song from Godspeed You Black Emperor!

4x4=12(continuous mix) by deadmau5 which is an hour and nine minutes

Heron Blue from Sun Kil Moon with 461 (7:41) seconds sad awesomeness!! :slight_smile:

Pretty much every A7x song that is over 5 minutes is brilliant. I mean their ones that are under that are brilliant too, but if we’re just speaking strictly longer songs…

pretty sure all things fall into the category of sad or non-sad…

Some of my favourites which haven’ been mentioned yet:

Iron Maiden - Rime of the Ancient Mariner [13:34]
Iron Maiden - Paschendale [8:28]
Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears [7:24]
Rush - Xanadu [11:07]
The Who - Won’t Get Fooled Again [8:32]

Led Zeppelin has a lot of great long songs like e.g. Stairway to heaven (of course this one had to mentioned, but it’s just an awesome song), Kashmir, Achilles last stand, When the levee breaks
oh and one of my absolute favorites: Babe, I’m gonna leave you (this one gets me chills every single time)

Trivium - Shogun
Iron Maiden - Dream of Mirrors
Iron Maiden - Dance of Death
Iron Maiden - Alexander the Great
Metallica - Orion
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Black Sabbath - The Sign of the southern Cross

i like Transatlanticism a lot by Death Cab for Cuties, its really good! :smiley: i think its about a little over 7 minutes long lol

Listen to:


Awesome song, you can hear all genres and it’s 14:55!!!