Next line in the LP song


Take this all away


Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me



Put me out of my misery
Put me out of my misery


Put me out of my
Put me out of my f*cking misery


I’ve given up
I’m sick of feeling


Funny how I have to think for a long time to realise what lyrics come next because I hear the scream in my head and that just goes on and on :joy:

Back to lyrics:

Is there nothing you can say?!


Take this all away


I’m suffocating


Tell me what the f*ck is wrong with me

Time for Leave Out All The Rest?

I dreamed I was missing


You were so scared


But no one would listen


'Cuz no-one else cared


After my dreaming
I woke with this fear

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What am I leaving when I’m done here


Lol, just posted this line

What am I leaving


When I’m done here


So if you’re asking me I want you to know


When my time comes forget the wrong that I’ve done


Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed