New Zealand LPUers


Boom city… can’t wait to see LP in Feb in Auckland and at Soundwave!

Does any one know when the pre-sale and meet and greet tickets go up for sale for LPU members?


Hi guys If one one purchasing tickets on monday afternoon, can u please forward the website link. thanks

#23 check this site friends


Hiya =]

I’m Giselle and I’ve just re-joined the LPU after a 2 year break (yay student budgeting). I’m stoked to hear the LP are coming back to NZ! I attended both of the M2M concerts and the M&G on the 1st night. It was fantastic =D



Just purchased 2 tickets for the Feb show, and just joined LPU as well. Hopefully be able to make a awesome trip of it coming up from Wellington.


Hi im From Auckland, nice to meet you. Hope to see you at meet n greet in feb :slight_smile:


NZ LPU party in auckland!


I think we should have an lpu get together in Auckland somewhere close to the arena on the day of the show. I see people talking about in in other forum posts. it might be fun, if everyone can get there at a certain time.


Yeah sounds good. All rock up to arena together.


yea im from nz just rejoined after hearing they are coming back to nz. soo excited i went to there last show at the vector it was insane


I’m from Australia, but flying over for my first NZ trip, and ending it with seeing Linkin Park !
Since I’m the only hardcore LP fan I know, I’m flying solo, so I’d defo be interested in meeting up with some of you NZ LP fans !


Just wondering here guys, but does anybody know when our tickets will be sent out?

Cant wait for the show!!!


No idea when tickets will be sent out. I’m still waiting.
If Not arrived in month or so, may have to contact ticket outlet. I will be.


Hey! Yes a very hard core fan of the Music here if not the most!!! Have been ever since 2000 … Listen to LP everyday! Saw em in 2007 best night ever!!! Can’t wait for Feb !


My Linkin Park Concert Tickets Arrived!!


I picked up my tickets on Thursday, as the courier came but I wasn’t home, so luckily it was on the way home from work.


I am a NZ LPUer. I have re-joined again this year after a year off for LPU11.
I have my tickets for the Auckland show & damn, I can’t wait (:
I’m keen for this idea of a NZLPU catch up.