New to LPU, not new to LP


Hello and welcome!! :smile:

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Welcome :grinning:

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Hey @shawnar2000 ! Welcome to the LPU! So glad to have you on here! Thank you for these kind words

Chester’s loss broke all of us, but we are all here with you :slight_smile: don’t feel like you are alone!

Looking forward to seeing your posts on the other threads!


I’m late to the party but hello and welcome!

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@lucoprav, just saw that you are new too ! Welcome to the LPU! Join in on the threads and enjoy your time here! I am sure you will!

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@AJ_7 Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Welcome everybody new! Enjoy your time with this family :raising_hand_woman:‍♀️ :smile: :smile:

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Welcome to the LPU!

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Hello shawnar2000. Nice Story! I´m new here, too. For me it all startet with Papercut in 2000, too!!!
Since then it was LP nearly all the time. But because I was never an Internet- fan, I never came to LPU. Until now, that I needed somebody to understand my breaking apart after Chesters death. My family and friends think me crazy, and I startet believing them, until I got curious and came here. LP saved me the first time, and you guys now. Thank you so much.

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