New lpu member!


Welcome friends!! Hope to see ya’ll more on LPU. @the_termin8r and @NoireXJasper have already told you to browse the topics and about code of conduct. Have fun! :smiley:

Even i have’t seen them yet! :yum:


@natalski Hello! & same :joy:


@Honey8 Thank you & hopefully you get to see them soon :blush:


I hope the same too☺

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Thats great. We are getting many newbies

(Look who’s saying …who has joined almost a month ago😛…)


It is very exciting. I seriously can not wait. I already told my friend and husband that they better prepare to see be cry my eyes out as I yell from excitement :joy:

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@jlucas1202 Haha awe, let me know here how it goes! Hope you have a great time! :blush:

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Thank you! :grin: I will post pics if I can figure out how to do that :joy:

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If you are using android then there is a ‘upload’ push button on the bottom right corner.

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Or just copy and paste them directly.

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Hi! Once you see them live you will only want more and more. Amazing band.
Welcome to the forum!


@rorymcgarrett Thank you! :blush:


@discobot start new user


@discobot start advanced user


Wow we were talking about seeing the band soon… how things have changed in the past week


Yeah, this was so sad to read. They were all so happy and excited.


@verest1864 It is sad, I was so excited of seeing them for the first time in october. I had my ticket since May.


Hey guys (: I’m new to the LPU and I just wanted to ask if anyone knows when LPU17 will be out? I mean… it’s possible that it’ll be pushed back because of what happened and I’d totally get that. I just wanted to know if there’s a certain date/season/etc when they release LPU14/15/16 and so on…
I hope you know what I mean haha (:


Hey friend… @headstrong0510 welcome to the forums… Browser down the topiis I hope you Will be able to find something of your interest. Well as far of my knowledge there is nothing like that. Here there are just topics in which you are free to reply

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The only thing I know is the LPU should release in November. Exactly date I don’t know it.