New album art

How do you want the new album cover to look like when it’s released?
I think it would be awesome to have Mike’s art included again.

I really have no Idea other than that it HAS to be more detailed and intersting then the ATS cover. I like that album cover but compared to Hybrid theory or collusion course, it could just pop out more lol.

I hope it’s as Hybrid Theory or Collision Course, ATS’s art (only the album cover) I didn´t like.

I know the ATS cover is really simple compared to the other covers but I love it. I don’t really mind what artwork they have for the next album as long as it works with the sound of the album overall.Like a Hybrid Theory/Meteora type cover wouldn’t really fit in if the next album sounds similar to ATS.

That would be awesome. But it’ll be awesome no matter what! [wink]

Agree, it’d be just like Mike have red hair red again, for example, when they’re making an ATS-like album, lol.
I really think a band member’s input really matters as well when it comes to album art though [smile]