Need to complain

I am so glad you brought this up, I too had pre sales LPU tickets block 101 and were at the side of the stage. The lights were blinding and I brought my children to the show as well this time so a little annoyed that the lights were so direct. Having seen what the front of the stage looked like I can see the desired effect they were going for but annoyed that this happened. We had a screen to my left at the O2 but if I wanted to see Linkin Park on a screen I would stay at home. Don’t think we will get any response about this but hope someone is listening. Thanks

I am on holiday but have been contacted by the entertainment company and will keep you updated I completed.the generic response from them and ticket master. I am not letting this go as it was a lot of cash for a band I love and it did put a damper on it. Appreciate the response about the seating being pushed back thanks.

My heart is broken tonight and wont be taking this any further… Miss you already Chester.

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I bet every dollar you spent for those shows were worth in now…:cry:

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