Need help LPU membership


Hey guys. I desperately need your help. Found someone to give me his credit card number so I can join LPU and join the Meet And Greet. Now the only problem is when you put the membership in the shopping cart, you get a “free gift”. Nice and good … but you have to enter your address, so it can be shipped and that costs about $ 17. Unfortunately we can not find a way around this. Also take out the gift off the shopping cart is not possible. Can someone help me? : /

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Ich meine, dass man bis zu einem bestimmten Datum Mitglied sein musste, kann mich aber auch täuschen. Bei mir gab es kein “Geschenk”, musste also auch nichts bezahlen. Ach ja, nur ein paar Leute gewinnen ein Meet&Greet, also nicht automatisch jedes Mitglied!


A free gift? Wow, that’s new… Are you sure you chose the $10 online only membership?


@fionachelsea Ich weiß schon, dass das verlost wird…

@evooba Yes. I’m sure… :confused:


Then just go for it, $17 is not that much. Also, keep in mind that the m&g is not guaranteed just because you signed up.


We’re trying something else right now. And yes, I know that this is no guarantee. Don’t worry :slight_smile:


Ok, good luck!


thank you!


Hey, I found out that there is actually a glitch in the website when trying to buy the membership (hence the extra $17 charge). They are working on it right now so maybe you can wait a couple of days and then you can get it.

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Thank u for your answer! Somebody helped me and wrote Ana from LPU and described the problem. Ana wrote that she’s going to fix the problem. It worked :slight_smile: I’m LPU member now :heart_eyes:


No worries :slight_smile: Welcome to the LPU!


Welcome to the LPU :smile::smile:

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