NBA Finals - Are you rooting for the Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors are back again to the NBA Finals. They are still the favorite to win this year even with the uncertainty of KD’s and Cousins’ comeback. I love the Warriors because of the way Curry make those shots but I also understand many people want to have another team to win this year. So, are you rooting for the Warriors or you’re going for Kawhi or Giannis?

NBA Finals Live Stream:

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The NBA stopped being interesting when Curry and the Warriors started to constantly win and be in the finals. They’re overrated.

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Yeaah… They have too many all star players
I hope Milwaukee or Toronto will beat them in the Finals (although there’s a little chance :roll_eyes:)

I personally love to root for the Warriors. I am a huge Steph Curry fan (not a bandwagon, his father, Dell Curry played b-ball at my college). I love how he is all talent, not just size and strength like most basketball stars. He truly is changing the style of the game with his play. Not to mention Steve Kerr is iconic. It is sorta unfair that Boogie and KD are both on that team now, but they just beat Houston and Portland without either of them which I think speaks to Klay, Steph, and Draymond’s talent. I think whoever they play in the finals they will beat, however I think Milwaukee would be much more competitive than Toronto.

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I love warriors I’m from San Francisco

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Oof. I gotta say I got this one wrong :joy:

The warriors definitely would have had a much better chance to win the series with a healthy KD and Klay but Toronto is pretty dang on good. Kawhi might be the best in the league rn.

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Growing up in the 1990s, as I started getting into basketball, the Chicago Bulls were the obvious team to gravitate towards. Once that dynasty crumbled, I became a Knicks fan by default. sigh

Now that I’m older, and “super teams” and players like LeBron James are running the league, it gets more and more predictable and less enjoyable every year.

I’m so happy for the Raptors and what they’ve accomplished this year. I remember when they were a brand new franchise.


:cry: don’t speak of these terrible things that transpired last night :pensive:
I’m actually literally more bummed for KD and especially Klay than I was about the game… add on cousins who will always be a hometown favorite in Sacramento and well…not a good night for fans here :pensive:
We were inside the concert watching the final part of the game :joy: whenever someone lost signal we’d huddle up with whoever had the signal going still :joy:

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Not a great lover of watching NBA. But I will keep my eyes on it.