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A good way to get more exposure is to share your work on various LP fan sites. Social media might also help you :slight_smile:

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Yes, I will expand my marketing over time. As for now, I’m good. Made money out of it was never my goal, I made it for them (LP band) and for myself to get something that I felt, out of my chest. Soon I sank more than 600 hours of my free-time into creating it, which was a luxury I don’t have anymore. I still want to finish it, I feel that every book of the four parts, will be different to the ones’ before, in true LP like style. Not to mention, I wan’t to do a “tribute section” for all of their songs. That’s how I knew, it will take 4 parts in total, as I already have the rough playlist and final story-line prepared. The biggest challenge is to connect those songs’ lyrics (each section should be as much true to the lyrics of the song that it is tribute to, as possible) into one grand, and compelling logical story-line. Which I personally think, I managed to do so far quite well. The problem is, I know I’m biased towards my own work. It would be nice to have feedback of at lest few LP fans, to confirm that the sections are true to the lyrics of the dedicated song, and the story line make perfect sense and is actually interesting. The part 3 and 4 will happen eventually anyway. Success, or not, its my personal project. But for now, I just need some feedback to be able to up my game for them anyway. This is supposed to be worthy tribute after all, not a charade. Thank you for commenting :slight_smile:

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