My thoughts on depression

Walking on the road raindrops fall on the face
Sometimes I feel these stars are so great
They ain’t in this hell hole, they far far away
Till I realized they a burning ball in the space
Damn it, the pictures I paint are vicious and hate
This isn’t what fictions contain, it’s a mixture of brain
With the devil in the system with vision so great
Tryna save yourself seems like a prison escape
I just, walk in the madness, a part of the hazard
I don’t, stop when I have to, I start with no standard
I’m the part of Dexter who ends up in the morgue and (morgan)
I’m that part of Chester who had his entire life distorted
My life support is a lifeless sport, guess what knife is for
I tried before but this tribe is for the brutal crime and court
You see my mind therefore, I’m the acid destroying you
To happiness I’m unknown, I bear this boring truth
I’m ignoring you, cause I’m afraid to look in the eye
Cause all you would see is the truth in disguise
Mutiny in my mind, I’m dying, time to cross the line
I’m a walking mime, lost in crime, health got declined
So Everytime I wake, I rate my tirade as irate
So angry at my state it applies hate and denies fate
So when your eyes suggest the pressure is too much to take
Flood the gates cause this is the best way to cut the chase
Dead today


This is really good it really shows you emotions

Thanks amigo