My Signed Poster (help)

hey boys and girls

im so proud of my poster with their autographs yet its still in a bag… .why?!
because there is no frame size for that poster, darn it

its 31x33
-.- while i order a 30x40 one , company messed it up

im out of ideas so im asking you guys, any ideas how i can get this baby up on my wall but in a way it wont get damaged so much? hence the reason why i wanted to frame it

its not normal paper, its on shiny photo paper so im very careful with it

i want it on my wall so bad
i wanna stare it all day , everyday

thank you!

I had one like that a few years ago. I went to a craft store that does custom framings, and they put together a custom frame with a little plaque type name plate in the front of it. Also they put a sleave in the back of the picture so i could put my ticket in. hope this helps

I got a tour booklet signed by LP when I saw them back in '08 and I just recently got it custom framed at a craft store as well. It was my Christmas present this year, but it can be expensive to do a custom frame! Mine was like $100 [surprised] but it looks very nice!

thanks you guys but thats indeed expensive
im not rich so only if i get a job soon i can effort it xD

Craft stores are indeed a great first stop! The downside to this is that you’re going to need to be very specific in what you want and how you want it to be preserved. In the retail side of crafting, there are different levels of experience working there and some don’t care enough to learn more about what they’re doing to do a good job.

I’ve seen some handle every project like it was a relic. I’ve also seen some slap masking tape to the corners of a mat, press it into a frame, and call it a day. For something that’s autographed and meant to last forever, you really, really…really don’t want the latter, lol! Just be observant and do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to to ensure that your poster will be handled properly.

If you’re not near any craft stores there are also framing shops. I was actually surprised by how many there nearby! Most employees are artists themselves or have had enough experience on good framing standards to know how different materials need to be handled and secured.

An example:
Let’s say your poster was signed with a Sharpie (or some equivalent). Sharpies are solvent based, if they are used on archival paper, it will damage the paper, but there are options that can really slow the deterioration process.

You mentioned that your paper is glossy? If that’s the case I don’t think the ink will bind enough to the fibers to bleed out, (although there may be some) and they fade hella fast. But there are types of glazings that a framer can use to block harmful rays.

Of course, wherever you’re going to put your poster, keep it away from any direct sunlight (not directly across a window or someplace like that) where it will be exposed to heat and natural sunlight for long periods of time for risk of fading.

Whichever option you choose, you’re making an investment into something important to you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions until you’re satisfied with what you’re going to get.

thanks a lot for the advice caelum :smiley:

i guess the only option left for me is to go back to that store where they could help me but i refused because it was kinda expensive xD

hm maybe there is a shop like that in my city, hopefully
other wise ill have to travel with train and all to get to that shop again lol

You’re welcome!

If it helps any, it’s always expensive to frame, LOL! Even at craft shops custom frames can start at like, 40-60 bucks depending on size, and that’s before any glass or backing to preserve your art. If you’re counting pennies like I am, (I have no shame in admitting that, LOL!) there are definitely options that both craft and framing shops offer that are a bit more wallet friendly!

The way framers treat customers that are inquisitive versus those that just walk in and are like, “I dunno, do whatever” is really night and day. Be up front about them in what you want and what your budget is, and they’ll be tons more helpful.