My pathetic sob story, please help

please know I am doing this out of pure desperation because this is not who I am. I don’t know where I went so wrong in life but I am begging for someone to please help. I have been struggling with some pretty heavy stuff lately. Ive lost everything, literally everything and my own family treats me like I’m some kind of monster because I could no longer pretend that this bipolar sickness doesn’t ruin my life. I am homeless in Omaha NE. By some miracle an old friend reached out and let me stay at her place for the last 2 days. I have to leave tomorrow but I refuse to end back up on the streets. I WANT and I NEED to get out of omaha and go to a detox place in Lincoln NE, and then I will head to treatment. Its a 45 minute drive and I have no gas, no money. Please, I am begging you, please help me get to Lincoln. The cheapest hotel there is $46. It would mean everything from the bottom of my heart, if you could please pay for my gas, the hotel room for 1 night, and some food tomorrow (Sunday) so I can get some sleep and check into detox monday morning. I have no support system, nobody to really ask for help. I need this miracle. I want to get back on meds and start my life completely over. My kids need their mom back, I need me back. I can take pics and show you the receipts and I WILL pay you back eventually. I did the math and all I need is $80. If you could please find it in your heart to PayPal me, it would mean EVERYTHING to me. Im so lost and desperate I just want my life back. [link removed] … Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my pathetic sob story

It’s really hard to read your post- that you created the acc inly 41 mins ago and really nothing in it about you… as a soldier or so…

I don’t know and probably everything is as you described it - but this is not the right place for a fundraising campaign ( to name your action in a friendly way).

All you can get here is mental support and love- but normally no material guts or money- on top it’s against our code of conduct to even ask for this…

Nevertheless I keep my fingers crossed and pray for you because you really sound desperate and I hope you will find a way to reach the detox place- all the best for you and your future… :hugs::crossed_fingers:t2::pray:t2:


I was a little skeptical myself about this being spam, but Amyyykins does appear to be an actual person.

I don’t know though if the story is legitimate or if there is any connection to this community though. I’d like to believe that you wouldn’t lie about something like this, and nothing in the post seems sketchy, but it is a little hard to trust an account that was made three minutes before its first post and has nothing filled in aside from the what is absolutely required.

I don’t actually know if something like this is against the rules, I couldn’t find anything at a quick glance. I’ll keep it up for now, but anyone reading this be careful if you consider sending money.

I do hope you get the help you need if you do truly need it, but I think it is fair that there is a little bit to question about a post like this


@Amyyykins hasn’t logged back in once since making this request so I’m going to close this and remove the PayPal link for safety