My own music

Hello, everyone!

I want to share my music (which i made by myself) for you. It’s without vocal, only instrumental music.

It consist of two cds. On CD1 - it’s what i made using my electro guitar and computer keyboard, and i used only samples of drums (because i don’t have a drums).
On CD2 - it’s tracks, which was made, using only the samples from the music programs and which i found in the Internet.

I started to make music in this autumn (2011). Tracks on CD2 was made at the beginning, when i tried to make something and find out the style of my music. After month or little more i started to make the music by recording my own samples. Thereafter the CD1 appeared.

Tracklist: (Pay attention to sequence and time of tracks on CD1)
01 - Intro
02 - It’s Not …
03 - Explosion Engine
04 - Highway
05 - Only One Thing
06 - Complexity
07 - Outro

01 - The Beginning
02 - Enough Talking
03 - Race
04 - Nature’s Engineering
05 - Life Change
06 - Old Time
07 - Sky Noise
08 - Miss You

Here the links:

In wav format:
CD1 -
CD2 -

In mp3 format:
2 CD -

So, listen and comment. I hope you’ll like it.
Thank You so much.
Best Regards, Alexey.

I’ll check it out :slight_smile: