My greatest fear just got worse

Looks like a good story. Carry on!

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Oh Sam! I didn’t know, I’m so sorry about this happening to you!! I’m glad there’s someone who understands what I’m going through though. It’s so weird that our brain somehow knows (or just imagines itself) how it would be to die and just unreal how it can replay that event to us in our sleep! It’s almost scary sometimes, the capabilities our brain has.

I hope you’re better after the heart attack, if I can do anything to help, just write me, please. Sending hugs and strength to deal with this :hugs:

Yes, I noticed that too!

I have no idea either :frowning: I can only think of spreading the word, protesting. Then some unreal ideas like throwing bricks, defenestration, … all either slow or unreal things.

I believe that too!

Yes, it’s the same in our country. But people usually fall for that mainstream media crap… Will even fight for it like it was the only truth in the world. When I’m seeing this I’m thinking I was born on a wrong planet or anything :smiley:

I didn’t know there were so many!!! :scream: It’s really a miracle were still here, maybe someone up there likes us enough not to punish us for the humanity’s unimaginable sins.

Yes, this helps me a lot, too. Seeing that I’m not alone and that there are people who care too, although collectively we still don’t know what to do about it other than spread the word and try to influence other people.


Hi LP sister,
no need to be worried of reaction, seems you already learnt of the opposite here. I’m glad of that and just join them supporting you.
Willing to be just brief, as i’m proud father of my 2y old daughter now (10th Feb) sleeping and coughing now alike - I had , though very few, same ideas some 4y ago about bringing new life to this world going just crazier every year… Some 1y lasting… then made up my mind and opted for the right. I’m Christian with solid trust and belief in our Lord, that happens what shall happen and being given free will to influence what I can. 1st to do right things by myself, then expecting others doing them alike…
Thanks God I realized some 7y ago behind the scenes "facts"of the world, Western world falling steadily apart (morally it already did) trying just to survive by misusing knowledge and wealth over remaining world. All this is crowned by USA and its politics to keep it’s hegemony, but on contrary, the signs are most apparent here (terrible debt, fighting some 200ys of 250y long history).
Fact for me is, that USA is Devil’s lair, ready to collapse other world in its own current course… No matter how many good and peace-loving souls like you do live there, US polticians and army stuff are blood savvy individuals, completely enslaved by Him. Democracy is a myth (same here in EU), your MSM is even worse (Trump called it right - FM).

Would there be H-hour of the Earth and you being given the weapon, I pray you do the best for your soul, not body, on how to act. Chester was not blind, but should get over that…

All the best to all my LP bros and sisters around the globe. Though Devil seems to be on winning track, the Truth started to break through a time ago… Just follow and search for it and enjoy the beautiful personal life (not too i-social :slight_smile:

Greetings from Peter in Slovakia, C.EU (ideal battlefield of WW3 - like usual)

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I have been researching for a long time now, since I started “waking up” back 6 years ago. These are my 2 cents to what I do believe all this may be.

The human being gained consciousness at some point, I believe by a sort of “intervention” by beings foreign to our planet, just a different “race” of humans, which is indicated by blood (There are RH Positive and Negative). The Negative blood type being rarer than the Positive counterparts, roughly about 15% of the world’s population fall into the category of Negative blood (A, B, A.B, O) O- being the universal donor. I think this due to Negative blood coming from an unknown source, it lacks the Monkey protein found in the Positive counterparts. I myself am O-, and through research on sites, many people in the mainstream carry this (-) blood, we can include politicians, musicians, actors, athletes, etc. If we look throughout history, civilization was spread at the cost of the uncivilized. Many ideologies forced onto them, and if they did not accept them, they would be killed off. Hence why pillaging and rape happened during those times. Negative blood seemed to have a strong presence around the Basque regions of Spain, so you can see how blood comes into play and the “disease” spreads so to speak.

As for a “Religious” twist to all this, ALL major religions contribute to truth, though all have been corrupted at this point to enable the chaos going on right now. The most mainstream religion out there? Christianity. Prophecy speaks of a “New World Order” set out in the end of times. If many people believe in these ideologies and take it as a “fact”, they give energy to said destiny. This is where Mind control comes in. What if we are being “programmed” to accept said prophecy, being set up in the world’s stage? It is because its meant to be this way. The mind is more powerful than you believe, and this is the way they keep you enslaved. You have been taught from the very beginning to accept your surroundings, and learn to become a useful piece in society by the “education” your governments push.

I know there are people that don’t believe in God or just refute anything that does not make “logical” sense to them. But, what if the world is illogical? What if the biases that you have accepted since your first breath are mere blockades preventing you from seeing the “big” picture? We are animals that think logically, but miss the most simplest law, the law of nature, and how duality works in order to make this world function. Through this, we have been tricked, and brainwashed into believing that things are supposed to be this way. That we are supposed to be working and slaving away for corrupt “leaders” getting away with anything their will wishes.

BUT, and its a big BUT, due through their “civilizing”, we have also gained a way for the experience to flourish, to become more advanced, have different interests, different jobs, etc. Through this “evil” of conquering the uncivilized, the civilized brought forth a new age of conformity. You see, dualities at work! Without this “evil”, we would not know how “good” and “safe” life is.

TLDR: Your governments are behind some nasty deeds, there are Hollywood collections and those in the “group” have lied to you in order to make this utopia happen. Similar to Brave new World.

I can add much more, or even state how I woke up and how deep I’ve gone into all this. Though, some things may not be so pretty, but as I mentioned, there is HOPE. we have the potential for change. But its tough to change a person, unless they wanna change themselves. All I’m going to add is, don’t believe everything the media spews nowadays, please research and come to your own conclusions. You can or cannot believe me, I really have nothing to lose at this point, this is my conclusion and I just want to help, even if it means bickering in part of people not seeing the pattern…


That’s true!
I guess it’s in the human nature to open their minds more when they have to face serious obstacles or when something bad happens… well, personally since I was a kid I was/am always curious to know more things, like the knowledge wasn’t/isn’t enough… but yeah, mind awakes much more in the bad things than in the good ones…

This :muscle:



It is a big mafia at play at this point, not just in 1st world countries but in many places. We have been lied to about MANY things, including your diet, medicine, etc,

Why does no one question the amount of meals we eat? Religions mention fasting, but how many people practice it? How many people actually see what;s in their food? If you don’t grow it and tend to it, then you don’t really know what you are eating. Search “Mucusless Diet” and you may understand more. We are being poisoned little by little. Fluoride found in our toothpaste which dumbs us down.

So called “medicine” which cures one thing (yay) but has a shitload of side effects. There is no PROFIT in having a person completely cured. We are all cattle, and who are the ones approving this? Branches in our own Government, so called “Food and Drug administration”.

Remember that your insecurities are created by societal standards itself. Everyone is a unique individual with so much potential, but they need to slaw away these “demons” that haunt them, day by day. There is beauty in imperfection, and with that imperfection is also perfection. Why are you afraid of who you are? Why do you cling so much to the memes that rule society? Its meant to be that way.


I agreed with you… but what to do? What to do to change the things? :persevere: I read and get infos by myself, try to eat healty food, I’m fixated with ecology and stuff… but… I’m a single person in the whole word… I know there are others like me, but there are different too… :fearful:


At this point, as mentioned we need to keep spreading word and get people thinking about these things. To have them see that they are being betrayed by the people who supposedly have “their best interests in mind”.

Keep bettering yourself also, make your body as healthy as possible. If we get enough people together we need to push to have these Tyrants overthrown. We cannot have these people stipulating laws to keep honest working citizens like us down due to their enslavement methods. We need a revolution, this is not fair to us. They cannot get away with their bullshit, their lies.

A single person has the capacity to make a difference, I want to do that, I am tired of the bullshit, tired of the lies. Tired of seeing innocent people lose their jobs and living on the streets in the harsh winters, while we are being “told” the economy is "booming, that we are “flourishing” in jobs, when it is the exact opposite. Education, music, media, television are all brainwashing our children and teens which are our future. We can’t be fighting each other over left vs right, its designed that way.

Government literally means to "CONTROL the MIND.

We need to have people thinking for themselves, instead of following a pamphlet laid out by these tyrants.


Thanks! Yeah, I’ll try my best! :muscle:


I agree with everything you said @Woco21 Great post :+1:


I was looking around twitter and well, I saw this…


The like seems out of place. Anyone think so too?

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Tell me more as I don’t know the background. What’s wrong with the fact that Mike likes a controversial author (as I’m reading in Wikipedia)?

Not specifying the author himself but the topic for his next book, about witches. Most certainly witches practice witchcraft, So, the like seemed odd to me. I guess Mike is into such topics?


Probably Mike and his wife know the guy in person.

That’s the stuff

This. Definitely weird

Interesting, so they have crossed paths in the past before (Well at least Ann) lol. The subject itself is what mainly caught me off guard, as what we have been talking, also involves witchcraft in the long run. (Can be used for good or bad though, if you guys want me to discuss, I can).

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Here’s an excerpt that I’ve found:

Indeed it covers witches and witchcraft like @Woco21 mentioned

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I’m confused… :no_mouth: @Woco21 help please

Ok here we go, I will include some of my personal experience leading me to “witchcraft” aka occult knowledge (or part of it).

I discovered deep within me that, the source of evil itself is minute compared to all the greater good happening around the world. But if this “evil” becomes programmed into a persons mind, it can manifest more and practically fool people into believing things (Ie: television). I don’t want to go into “grotesque” subjects concerning this, but they do involve witchcraft.

Witchcraft can be used for a good cause or also its bi-polar similar, bad. This is what I mention within duality, as one cannot exist without the other. Your mind is a lot more powerful than you believe. By knowing what to use and being trained in the craft, you can practically make your will become a reality. Of course as mentioned, it depends on what side you choose.

I mentioned many people would not believe in this, as it is not “seen” by the eye. But everything starts as an idea, that idea manifests and becomes a reality (Think Steve Jobs “thinking” about creating the iPhone and actually making it a reality). Everything starts this way, as long as an idea is implanted in your mind, it can be manifested. Those in charge know this and manipulate people through media, as mentioned before.

The Salem Witch Trials were just a means to exterminate “good” witches. It was meant to keep this knowledge in the dark, this is why it is part of the Occult.

I’ve gotten more into these topics as I have read books about it from the like of Aleister Crowley. Brilliant man, but very misunderstood. As I always tell you guys, have an open mind for things and you will begin to see more connections.

I can say these words, but it is up to you, and your will to accept them, our conclusions are never the same and cannot be. We can merely influence a person and mold them for their personal truth.

It’s scary to think about stuff this way, I myself, as a logical thinker never thought of it as “real”, but there have been circumstances within my own immediate family that make me see that, it may not be so “out of the ordinary”

PS: I touch some of these subjects in my last mixtape. Though it is not straight forward. Think about the Old men in “blur”.



Prodigy (RIP) may be able to explain the “power” itself than I can:

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