My first time ever using this right now feeling nervous

I love to see this thread!!! :heart_eyes:

Nice to meet you as will im just getting use to everything. :blush::slight_smile:
When will they have a chat i wonder LP.


Welcome soldier :grin:


hello to you too:grinning:

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Iā€™m new here, too. Hopefully this will be a great experience for both of us!


@pnthr you will feel welcome believe me you will. you just have fun and enjoy yourself. :blush:

Hey there! I am quite new too. I am a HUGE Linkin Park fan too! I see that you LOVE Evanescence just as much as me. Well, hello!! New peeps are welcome here on this website!

OH! thank you I do love Evanescence and Iā€™m glad to meet you and let me tell you something even if your new or a bit new you will fit right in with everyone they are new just like you ok. thank you for welcoming me. :blush:

HAHA Anytime. Thank you and welcome!

Thank you so much as well. I am happy to be on LP :slight_smile: