My FIRST Live LP Experience

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(From my blog: My FIRST Live LP Experience: Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 6:42 PM)

Since the day they announced Linkin Park was in the line-up for this year’s X-Fest, I have been counting the days for them to finally make their debut in my home town of Calgary Canada. And to make things even more exciting: they were playing on my birthday September 01…which means I had a get-out-of-jail-free-card…

To put it bluntly, I am definitely the ‘outgoing’ one of my friends and a die-hard LP fan. If they were playing on any other day than my birthday, I may have found myself going to the show alone…which isn’t uncommon anyways. But birthday girl had the say thus I had an entourage. So I organized everyone; the tickets were bought months and months in advance and I began counting the days.

While counting the days I also started emailing and facebooking the radio stations and X-Fest organizers to try and find out how I could meet LP…and that’s how I found LPU :slight_smile: Unfortunately I didn’t make the M&G however my experience was a level of awesomeness that made it all okay…not to mention finding LPU has proven to be pretty sweet in itself!

Things didn’t quite kick off as originally planned: I wanted to be down there by 11am to stand at the stage all day long until LP went on at 9pm: I NEEDED front row… But rounding up women is like herding cats so we didn’t get to Fort Calgary till about 1pm, which had me nervous since the pit was already packed: full of people excited to see both the entire line up and of course the headliner: Linkin Park.

We enjoyed the day though. A massive hail storm blew in and 5 of us girls hunker’d down under two blankets like ‘Roman Soldiers’ while the crowd either got pelted around us or ran for cover: prepared prevailed! We were later told we were the spectacle of the hail storm, as nobody else was either A.) that ballsey or B.) that stupid. But a great afternoon none the less!

As the minutes ticked I grew more and more nervous: one hour till LP took the stage. We ended up getting separated from two of our girlfriends and while the others were looking for them, wandering amongst the yard sale of blankets and camps, I saw my window…

“I gotta go in.” I grinned as I bid my farewell and disappeared into the pit completely solo. Birthday get out free card had just been played and I totally ditched my friends for my mission: FRONT ROW.

I can honestly say as a training fitness model, I am in pretty good shape: but not all the strength in the world could have prepared me for that mosh-pit. IT WAS INTENSE! But I knew I had to somehow battle through it to get to the front. There was a point when agility became the key and as I was being knocked to the ground on top of people, people on top of me: I leap frogged out of something that could very well have been my death and fought my way up. Almost an hour had passed as my hands gripped and clung to the front bar. I had made it and Silver Sun Pickups was just finishing their set…SUCCESS! My heart pounded in my chest as I waited.

Not only did I have an incredibly painful journey to the front but once up there the amount of pressure from the pushing crowd behind me was at an absolute unimaginable level. Other people around me were crying out to be hoisted over and let out and I remember thinking there was absolutely no way that was going to be me! “Just push back! 1,2…3!!” I instructed to the people beside me as we gave all our might against the mass. This was a battle that had to be fought to honestly prevent our bodily organs from being cheese grated between our rib cages. There were moments when I thought of everyone I just left back there, all my friends who came to celebrate with me and I totally took flight on them but that thought was rapidly silenced with, I’m gonna assume was my shoulder angel (definitely not the devil…) that they would understand. I wanted to be here. I fought to be here. I needed to be here.

And then they took the stage: complete bliss.

Nothing could have prepared me for an unobstructed view of the band I have loved since I was 14. I sang along to every song, screaming and cheering as though my life depended on it. The screen show was unreal: snapping from videos, to the band, to the mass. The stage was set up like a giant ‘X’, which they bridged along for their performance. It was the show of the century: fireworks and fire and complete seizure inducing light spectacles. There was nothing more the band could have done to put on a better show…everything was perfect…and then, toward the end of the show, came the heart stopper…

Chester walked over, positioned himself 5 feet in front of me, brought the microphone to his lips as he lowered and locked his eyes with mine.He then began singing directly into my soul. I sang back every word of Lost in the Echo as he smiled extended his arm and pointed at me. And before he broke into his spine tingling screams, I pointed right back and returned the worlds biggest grin I could muster. I turned to the people behind me wide-eyed and speechless and all they said was “Holyyy! Well…happy birthday to you!!”

Nothing could ever top that moment…until the next time or when I finally get to meet him: that will be the highlight of my LP experience!

At the end of the show, after the encore, which I could hardly scream for - 2 days later and I STILL have no voice - walking front stage to throw out the memorabilia, Rob tossed me his drum stick…despite the intentions of getting out alive with it, it was quite hopeless. Even though he walked me through catching this object, and he perfectly underhanded it into my extended fingers, instantly 10 incredibly large and strong men grabbed it and it was a ‘cling for dear life’ that nobody was giving in to! Even the bouncers were yelling, “it’s hers, it’s hers! You guys have to let go: you are going to break her arm!” And then I had to give in… :frowning: I did however, get the dudes name who got the stick so I intend on buying it from him in the next few days…

So I emerged from the stage, like a zombie coming out from the mist…my friends were standing together and immediately started screaming, “you were on camera soooo much! We saw you!!” That was pretty cool to hear too although at this point I was sure I had cracked ribs and a splitting headache was starting to set in - definitely didn’t help that there was ZERO vegan food at the entire event so lack of fuel had taken it’s toll and it was bed time for sure. The drive home was a complete blur - I hardly said two words to anyone…I was much too busy smiling.

I honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better 26th birthday. I have been dreaming of and talking about the concert non-stop to an absolute point of annoyance. I always knew seeing LP live was going to be a breath taker but I never could have dreamed for a first experience like the one I had. I look forward to more of their shows - it’s not that I needed assurance that they were ‘worth’ buying plane tickets for but I am more than convinced that I could never see an LP concert, no matter where I had to fly to, that I would be disappointed with.

I love you guys LP…you definitely have a lifer…until next time, much love

That was a really great story! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you had such a great time. Being right at the front of the stage watching LP must have been fantastic. And having that emotional connection with Chester during the song… just unreal.

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was an amazing one.

That is a great story! I hope you get YOUR drumstick back. When the mosh pit is going to be rough, I try to be on the side–still front row and great view, but less chance of being kicked in the head or crushed. I saw LP at House of Blues-L.A. and front row… amazing to be so close. I was tingling for days. I will be camped at the Chula Vista show for a front row spot too. Debbie