Most aggressive Linkin Park song?


Holy shit! Heavy as fuck! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I know right! Totally makes you want to throw fists in the air and brings the blood to a boil :stuck_out_tongue:


QWERTY , Given up , War , One Step Closer , Blackout , Victimized …

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The three that I find most aggressive are
One Step Closer
Given up


Faint or War

When i saw “aggressive” i actually thought of B.y.o.b by SOAD…


Well. If you consider music, then Wastelands. If vocally aggressive then Given Up, One Step Closer. Actually there is a whole bunch.


most aggressive Linkin Park song?



i think off their new album the hunting party rebellion and keys to the kingdom


Victimized, Qwerty, Given Up, One Step Closed. :wink:


its think it’s ‘War’ (THP) or ‘Qwerty’ (songs from the undergound) :smile:


Faint, Keys to the Kingdom, Given Up, No More Sorrow, One Step Closer, War, and some of the earlier songs from other LPU albums. Chester’s screaming is so powerful that I can feel my blood boiling underneath my skin and some of Mike’s rap does the same. It just blows my mind away. :astonished:

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I think it is APFMH… Guilty all the same… Given up… Qwerty!

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Given up :grin:
One Step Closer -
No more Sorrow :imp:
By Myself
A place for my head :scream:
Guity All the Same :smirk:

LINKIN PARK!! :heart_eyes:

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I think the most agressive song is Victimized!!


Victimized their most aggressive song? Lol it’s all about electronic, even Roads Untraveled instrumental is more rock with these guitars :smiley: okay, Victimized contains some screams but it’s all. Verse 1 is Mike’s singing, verse 2 is some rapping… KTTK is a bit similar and it’s definitely more heavy. One of the heaviest by LP.d


A Place For My Head…


Qwerty for sure


Does Broken Foot count
A.06 maybe


Now that’s what is called agressive!

Listening to it I felt my eyes filling with blood in a rush to smash something!

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Must have missed this topic before. I’d say By Myself, OCS, Victimized, Don’t Stay, Fig 9, qwerty, War.