Mike Shinoda Video Shoot in LA


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So… Anyone seen Mike’s tweets of the passed few hours? Meeting up with lucky fans and shooting footage for a video? What do you guys think? Solo song for maybe a new solo album?


he talks about a solo album on the tweets and the videos shared that i saw this morning


He’s so sweet!! I wish I could be there but Israel is so far away…! I hope that mike will be playing here…! :heart:️:heart_eyes::heart:

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I’m excited for sure, solo Mike is always good.

Worth mentioning that he took the time to talk with everyone in attendance, paid for the parking and thanked people (lol, like it should be the other way around) for coming/supporting/always being there. It shows how bloody amazing he is.


Kool so who is singing for the new single or is it just Mike either way I’m sure it will be awesome

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You know… I watched the little live stream video someone posted from that night and man, it’s little moments and words like that, that remind me why I freaking admire Mike so much. It’s just incredible! And kudos to all the fans that were there that respected him and actually did what he asked them to do.


He is incredible

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