Mike Shinoda print, who's autograph? *idiot*

IN the Lpu x package, you get a print by mike.
On mine, it says “Thanks for being a part of the LP underground” and then an autograph, but I DON’T KNOW who signed it!
Please tell me, this is SO fucking embarrassing!

I didn’t get the lpux package (even if I was a member x)) but I guess there was Mike’s own autograph under the print :smiley:

This is a print by Mike and he signed it, but it is always print ^^

It’s his but it’s a print!

LOL Who do you think it is? Mike’s of course

I would like know too :’)

Its Mike’s lol.

Wouldn’t it be weird if it was Mike’s print and an autograph from Chester?

… Next time i’ll ask Joe to get Brad’s autograph lol

He signed it just before he drew it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBiEat10fL4