Mike Shinoda - News, Articles, twitter, facebook, instagram


A topic to collect all
news, articles, twitter, facebook, instagram, YouTube posts
related to Mike Shinoda

also everything on Anna Shinoda is welcome.

As fare as I know, all posst were spread over the entire forum, sometimes double and I found it hard to find back to some of the articles. So I thought I open up a collecting topic.


Isn’t this just the same as having a Mike Shinoda topic in the forums, which we have, messy or not.

You basically just recreated the topic in itself. Unless I’m missing something I am going to have to close this.

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Sure. It is your decision. I would like to find this more organised on one place. For example the magazine article on Mike, ore the Anna Shinoda interview and as I said twitter news. But when I am the only one with this wish, than be it so.


Fortunately the search on this site is actually pretty good, you could always use that.

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