Mike Shinoda in Taipei - Who is going?

Planning on going - but don’t have any buddies. Anyone here planning on going?

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Hopefully you get soldiers to answer on here but don’t let that stop you from going it alone!!! It’ll be great trust me! You’ll find people there that like the music just as much as you :smile: is loners always find other loners there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is so true! I went to Mike’s Bangkok show alone and made some new friends there too. You are going to enjoy yourself regardless


Wish you to find some peeps :slight_smile:



I hope you find someone to go with. Or go alone. When Mike was in Amsterdam, I went alone. No one of my friends want to come with me. So I made some new friends at the concert :metal: . I go most of the time alone to a concert. And I’m oke with that :wink:

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Taipei huh? Sounds awesome hope you find some soldiers to go with.
Welcome to lpu by the way.

Welcome to the LPU! Hopefully you will find others going. Either way it’ll be amazing.