Meteora's Special Feature - I didn't dream this, right?

I know I didn’t, but I’m not sure what to do about it now. Fifteen years ago or so, when I got my copy of Meteora, I’d sneak it (LP was forbidden in my house) to our ‘library’ (aka tiny storage space/computer room) and watch a special thing on it, where it showed bits of them working on the mural and stuff. I’ve wanted to see it again recently, but it hasn’t worked on my computer. Not a shock, fifteen years in the future, but… what now? I would really like to see it again.
I thought if there was ever a place to pose this question, it’s here.


That’s the best place to find old videos… :grin: hope it’s useful…


Meteora was an Enhanced CD so it had extra content in it like @lpfan61 posted. It also had a LP web design kit which sounds cool, but the links to that content take you to a blank page. At least the Making Of vid still works! :sunglasses:


Thanks for your help, @lpfan61! And yeah, @no0rdinarysoldier, it sucks getting older and some of this really cool media, from LP and other things, too, becoming obsolete and unusable.


You’re welcome! :blush:


Recently got a Reanimation CD, and the same thing happened to me. Ah well…

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I watched the documentary recently on my computer from the CD … but then my computer’s quite old (runs on Windows 7, and still has a tower and separate monitor! LOL!). The link that lpfan61 posted is probably your best bet to watch it.