Memorial in Charlotte,NC

I will start by saying I am devastated by this and I can not imagine the devastation of his family and friends and won’t pretend to be. I have been a LP fan from day one. No matter what album, LP seemed to capture my feelings at the time. I had purchased pit tickets for the upcoming Charlotte NC show and was so looking forward to seeing the guys in all their glory and up close. I attended the 2014 show in Charlotte and it was absolutely the best I’ve ever seen. At this time I and someone I have never met are trying to organize/coordinate a memorial for Chester in Charlotte around the time the concert was to be held which was August 17th. I invite you and your friends to join this effort and help us in organizing this event. You can find us at FB under LPMemorial Charlotte, NC. If for some reason you have problems adding yourself to the effort please FB message me letting me know this is your desire to be a part of it and I will send you an invite. I believe in this effort 100%. Chester had a beautiful gift that we need to raise up in remembrance. It is a sad loss. That being said, I want to say to Talinda and children, Mike, Joe,Rob, Brad, and Phoenix that I am so sorry for your loss and know that there is nothing I can say to ease your grief. My thoughts go out to you. If you happen to read this post, I hope you support our efforts towards a memorial to honor Chester and the talent he possessed and was lost too soon. All my love. Ranee
I also want to say to the guys that I will follow your work in whatever capacity it takes you. You are amazing!

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