Memes and Gifs only



  1. Post a meme or gif and tag someone (up to two people at a time allowed), then they have to follow up with a meme or gif that responds to the one you posted

  2. Has to be a meme or gif (keep it nice lol)



@theearlywalker @lpfan61

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We already have this I believe but let me check


Ahh, but I changed it up a bit, any gifs or memes are allowed as long as its nothing offensive, and you have to tag people to go after you, if this matters that is :joy:


Was about to say, looks familiar.

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So this is a no go even though its not exactly the same?


I’m not saying that, just said it looked familiar. Let’s play and see where it goes.

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@theearlywalker ??


:joy::joy::joy: Bourdy hungry and me cooking… great match - And lol- a new thread? Lemme see to jump in