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Hey guys

does anyone know exactly how many people are usually selected for the meet and greets? Would really like to know for the South African Tour!


[/size][size=20]Another question about M&G [size=20]le sigh[/size]

[size=20]Check Adam’s blog [/size] [size=30]HERE[/size]

Me too!

I would give anything for an opportunity to meet them!

Is the anything we can do to improve our chances?

I did find these answers under Adam’s blog:

How does the “raffle” system work?

1 week to 3 days before the show, we RANDOMLY select people to attend the meet & greet. The number of people chosen depends on the show but may be anywhere from 30 - 75, depending on the venue and timing of the M&G.

How many people will be on M&G?

(Especially if there are more than 100 submissions, like: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, a lot of US shows)
It just depends on a number of variables. The number varies from show to show based on how much room we have or how much time we have. We usually select 30-75 people (more often than not, around 60-75)

Apparently it depends on the attendance size of the show, i read somewhere on the web that it can be anywhere in the region of 20 - 80 people. But they (or I could be wrong). Its a lottery, I reckon you’ve got a 1 in 5 chances. Hope this helps…

1 in a 5 Chance… more like 1 in 10 or 15 people[evil][evil][evil]

Right now there are at least 600 people in the M&G signup (for the Jozi event), so unless the LPU allows more okes for the Jozi M&G, chances of seeing them face to face are now very slim…[sad][sad][sad][mad][mad][mad]

Alternatively, sell or swap your Jozi ticket and go to the CPT show, right now there’s less than 300 people had signed up for that M&G [cool]

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