Meet & greet

how far in advance do you find out if you are getting into the meet & greet?? and does every fanclub member get into the meet & greet or do they email you in advance or the day of?? I am going to the comcast center aug 14th, and REALLY REALLy want to go to the meet & greet… do you get to bring a friend,or does that friend have to get into the meet and greet on their own??

Thanks for anybody’s feed back on this…i am soooo psyched!!!

You should get your email shortly before your shows date. not every member gets to cannot bring anyone. 1 pass per person.

I hope this solve your doubts

really bothers me you only get to know about it just a short period of time before the concert date

that way, people like moi, cannot prepare a 100% in peace and quietness
lol i’ve got to stop being obsessed with LP
…meh never gonna happen