Meet and Greets procedure

Hey Guys,

im pretty interesting in how the M&G are proceeding. The only things i know are that you get a place where you have to be and a personal photo with Mike in the end. Is there anything else important to know?

You can bring something to get an autograph. You have like 30 seconds (when Mike is signing it) to speak to him if you want, you can give him gift too.


30 seconds? Enough time to thank him for everything!


I don’t think he’s doing personal photos this time around, it’s just a group photo.

But, be yourself, don’t freak out, and talk! He loves to talk to people! If you have something interesting to say, he will engage in a long-ish conversation. But bear in mind other fans will be there too so it’d be nice to be considerate of others too.

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No personal photo? Atleast there is a chance to talk to him!