Meet and Greet Mike Shinoda Oberhausen 2019


Hm, in anderen Posts -über die anderen Städte - haben viele geschrieben, dass sie schon morgens vor die Halle gehen. Wir wollen halt unbedingt in die erste oder zweite Reihe. Ausverkauft ist es ja nicht, aber voll wird es ja bestimmt trotzdem. Und einerseits hoffe ich auf M&G, andererseits bekommt man ja nur eins, dass heißt, dass ich dann wohl meine Tochter reinschicken würde.


Dann ist es natürliche besser, wenn man früh da ist. Viele standen schon teilweise vor 3 da. Ich habe bei LP mal ganz vorne gestanden, dass war schon ein bisl heftig


Wir waren im October bei einem Gig von Mike und standen so in der 5. Reihe… jetzt wollen wir mehr :wink:


I won i can’t believe it!! More of you…?

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Ne, leider nicht :sob::cry:


I received the Mail a few minutes ago. I won the M&G for Oberhausen :slight_smile:


Congratulations for the two of you! :metal:t2:

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Thank you!!! I am so happy!! Can he finally see this tattoo!!

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Thank you :slight_smile:


For those of you who will attend the meet and greet today, can you give me some information afterwards?

I would like to know if the meet and greet takes place during Don Broco’s performance

And if you had any chance to get close to the front row after you have attended the meet and greet

Thank you so much and I hope you have fun tonight


Hi, just came back from Oberhausen. It was fantastic. Missy met us at the backstage entry and took us into the backstage area.
We were 10 persons. A few minutes later Mike came to us. He took his time for everyone from us. Shook hands, huged and talked to everybody. The photograph took photos from each LPU-Member with Mike. Mike also signed our Cd´s, T-Shirts etc.

After he left, we were brought into the concert hall. We were the first in there and could “take” the first row. A few minutes later the doors were opened and the crowd came in :slight_smile:


Sounds wonderful, thank you so much


It was so awesome!! Really happy that i had the chance!!! Great guy!! :heart::metal:t2:


Sounds amazing, glad you had so much fun! :heart_eyes: How long did the M&G take, 30 Minutes or longer?? And is it possible to buy something from the Merch stand before the M&G starts? I‘m nervous because I got selected for Hamburg and can‘t decide what to get signed. :smiley::heart: Did you get him a gift?


Congratulations!! It may take half an hour depends on the time Mike has. Merchandise is not available before the meet and greet. Have fun!!!

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Okay, thanks so much!! :slight_smile:


You can buy merchandise outside the venue before the M&G. The Merch Roadie should be there! :slight_smile:

(no T-shirts though.)

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Oh, but you can’t pay with cash at the Merch Roadie, you need a Visa Card or Apple Pay. Sometimes Maestro Cards work as well, but sometimes they don’t.

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Thanks a lot for the info! :smiley: Good that I have a Visa. :grin:

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