Meet and Greet Gifts

Hello. Im attending the 8/15/12 Jones Beach Theater show. I signed up for the M&G, and if I get picked, I wanna give them something. Would this be good
Also, does anyone know what they do with gifts?

Both are very nice. Good job. They take it back home with them.

Those are pretty cool looking! I’m sure they’d love to have fan made art

I love the second one.
It looks amazing.
And as long as you don’t bring them candy or sweets or any other food you should be good with gifts. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I made these both in art class. The second one you have to cut out a piece of paper, rub the oil pastel on the edge, and smear it with your thumb/

Those are pretty awesome! I like the style of the second one. LP will definitely appreciate them = )

Yeah I vote for the second, Im sure the put them somewhere with the millions of gifts lol, sign it, write something on the back maybe, a message, and Im sure they would love it.

those two drawings are awesome enough!

To your question, i have no idea what they do with that but i GUESS they pick the really cool stuff n keep it an the rest…dunno…bin???Couse i mean they get thousend gifts per week so i wouldnt keep it all…just plushtoys… XD