Meet and Greet Gifts

I have a question. If i get picked for the meet and greet for the Jones Beach show, I want to bring them a gift. I was thinking like munchkins from Dunkin Donuts, but idk if food is allowed. Any ideas on what to bring?

you are not allowed to bring any food/drinking to the area.

Ok. What should I bring as a gift though?

Something non-food representing your state or city/town?

If you’re any good at art or anything, maybe a picture or some sort of artwork would be cool (:

Do something by yourself. For example, paint a t-shirt by acrylic or crochet an amigurumi (it’s mine idea mwahaha).

hmmm maybe something handmade?
I agree with Daliya. it could be a t-shirt, or your painting, or smth representing your state/hometown/etc