Meet and Greet Chula Vista ! What Time?

Does anyone know what time the meet and greet would be starting in Chula Vista?

Or if anyone attended a previous MNG, What time did that start ???

Don’t wanna be late !!!

I was scheduled to meet at 7:40 for the one I attended on Friday, but you should get an email later today with the details about where to meet and what time to be there.

Awesome thanks ! I should be there by 5pm today, I hope that’s a good time, I’m stuck at work :frowning:

I have been waiting for the email too. I am leaving soon from L.A. tho, hopefully get there in time!

Woop woop. I got 7:40pm. So excited !!! Cant wait. Do we really have to wear lo underground shirt. I don’t own one [smile] its all good. I’m excited !!!