Meaning of lyrics

I don’t know, if any of you read this article / interview here:

Chester speaks about “Castle of Glass” from two different point of views. And as I read this, I felt like: Ooops, I did it all wrong.

When I heard this song, I thought about relationships between people in detail, not about society generally. Maybe so called friends or maybe even lovers. Like beeing part of something beautiful or something that could be beautiful, if you weren’t that broken inside, that tears you apart. On the one hand you want to show yourself everyone that’s close to you and shout at them: Look at me, I’m so lost, please help me out! But on the other hand you’re too coward and hide it inside … hardly anything there for you to see.
But that was my idea after thinking a little bit about it. My first thought was of these perfect couples, when you think, these two people are made for each other. But the reality for those two is different, maybe they’re just playing their roles for all the others while their relationship is close to break. Maybe one of them feels like beeing the one to blame, beeing the crack that will make collapse the whole castle of glass some day like a window you throw a stone at. So a really different point of view to what Chester said. Not being part of a beatiful thing even when you’re a little bit “cracked”, but being the crack that lets this beauty break down. Maybe I should get me a little bit more optimistic perspective [biggrin]

So what do you think about LP’s lyrics. Maybe lyrics in general. Is there always so much space for interpretation? Did I really wrong with my thoughts or is this just natural, because of all the different experiences people have?


I think it is important to remember that when it comes to lyrics, there is no wrong interpretation! That’s the beauty of their vagueness, and the reason why LP doesn’t really reveal much about the meaning of their lyrics anymore. They don’t want people to think that their own interpretation of the song is invalid, because its art, and therefore it means something different to everyone. What’s important is that you are looking hard at the lyrics and not only trying to pick them apart, but relating them to your own life. Not everybody actually listens closely, so kudos!

I agree with Another Living Thing: there’s no meaning, but your own. Picking the words apart and trying to relate them to the guys’ lives is not the right way, but for me it also doesn’t work if I immediately relate them to my own life. For me, every album tells a unique story, that suits with my train of thoughts, feelings and personal situation of that specific album cycle. This will become my image of the album and will stick with that time of my life.

Music must grow on me and ripen, like good cheese or wine. I know I love Living Things, but I have no clue yet about what the album or its words will mean to me in a couple of years. Call me crazy, but for me, it already holds Brad’s sickness and my re-flourishing love for Chester. Sometimes it’s the words, sometimes it’s the music, but in the end it’s always Linkin Park who drag me and skip with me through life, those who write the anthems of my ups and downs. It’s just not clear yet which songs will represent the good times and which the bad. :slight_smile: But that’s just me. You should make them into your own. That’s what makes us fans, right?

thats the great thing about songs, one song can have hundreds of interpretations. when you listen to the same song at different points of your life it will change each listen. good songs can be like a person, different people see it in a different way but in the end they are still listening to the same thing

I completely agree!!

I think that, yeah, there’s the band’s interpretation, those things that brought em to write a certain song… But there’s no wrong interpretation!
You can give your own interpretation, and it can’t be considered invalid, cause it’s valid for you… it becomes something related to you and your life too too, something “personal”, and from there it comes your own interpretation… Many of their songs helped me really a lot in different periods of my life, also cuz I could give them my personal interpretation, that gave me the strenght to go on…
Anyway, I think that everyone of us can relate him/herself in his/her personal way to a song and feel a part of it… But in the end it’s always the same song, with just different interpretations, like different aspects of the same person…
Okay, I hope that makes sense xD