M& G when you paid 60$ for your membership

So a couple weeks ago I got a mail saying that I would have a m and g for sure because I paid 60$ for my membership so now I have a concert ticke and now I’m wondering how I can make sure to get the m& g
I hope u can help me !!

if they mailed you saying you are chosen for the MG
then i dont see the problem? xD

if they havent given you any details yet about how and where
im sure they will send you a 2nd mail soon

i have never been through the situation of being picked for a MG
so i dont know how it goes

but what i do know is that , i think lol, if you get a 60 bucks membership you wont get a guaranteed MG at any event/concert
people only got that when they bought a membership again in Jan or something i heard?

click the event that ur going, n choose meet n greet, this will enter u into the chance of being picked.

you usually hear from the email a few weeks before the show or even a month before

You need to email lpuHQ and say u got a guaranteed M&G and what show ur going to and they will email u bak

If you pay 25$ for your membership… is more difficult to get M&G??

everything is already explained.

when you already have your ticket, send an email to Lpuhq@lpunderground.com with the topic: LPU11 ANNUAL MEET AND GREET (City)

in the email you can write that you have the guaranteed meet and greet and you want to use it for the show in … !
thats all