LT Remix Contest and Fan Art Challenge

Hey guys, some of you might know my blog Linkin Park Fan Corner already, but if you don’t, it’s a Linkin Park blog with a lot of possibilities for the fans to influence its content via fan art, reviews, etc. I call it the virtual recreation room for Linkin Park fans XD.

So, there are two cool contests/challenges at the moment:

1. Remix contest

[quote]Remix one song of Linkin Park’s latest album LIVING THINGS, no matter which one, and post the link in the comment section (links via Twitter, Facebook or E-Mail will NOT be accepted!). Next month I will put up a poll so people can vote for their favorite remix. The winner gets eternal fame and the opportunity to get more Linkin Park remixes published here, in case he/she feels like it.
If you’ve already remixed a LIVING THINGS song, you can submit it here, too.
Deadline: September 9, 2012.[/quote]

2. Honda Civic Tour Fan Art Challenge

[quote]Since the Honda Civic Tour is starting tomorrow, we just have to do something special to celebrate the event!
For the next fan art challenge, customize one or more of the Honda Civic Tour Posters! All submissions will be posted on the day of the respective show! Please be creative and pick random tour posters (you can find them in the gallery below)! We don’t want 25 Bristow show posters and 0 of the others, so just close your eyes and click on one XD.
Submit them in the comment section here, via E-Mail ( or on Twitter.[/quote]

I’m looking forward to your submissions!