LPUers in LPTV

Has Mark Fiore ever caught anybody here on film for LPTV, LPUTV or the old LP Newscaster episodes? (Need a reference? michalangelo uploaded them all to YouTube)

If you were, great! Feel free to share your moment in the LP spotlight with the rest of us! And, to avoid confusion, (which tends to happen) tell us what episode you were in.

I had a small moment in the LPTV episode Projekt Revolution 2008 Week 2

You can’t see my face, but my dad is visible next to me in the last frame (with the glasses)

I saved that picture and ended up taping it to my bedroom wall [biggrin]

Who else?

Wasnt a similar blog like this created already? I feel like people were showing things like this already xD.

i havent been in one yet… but then again, i have never been seen… so i can get away with it… muwhahahahaah

i can be seen in the LPU Hamburg Summit alot. I’m the guy with Brads Guitar and talking in the cam.

You can find my nickname (ekzzozo) in LPUTV “Summit Chat With Phoenix” on 00:34. Lol it was awkward moment for me.

just look on my profile you’ ll have the answer :slight_smile:

A lot of times, in a couple of days i will post some pics

Many times in the videos from LPU Summit London 2010

I´m at the LPTV Episode Tour 2011 and in the Episode about recap LPU Summit Hamburg.