LPU11 Package shipping: issues?

I finally got my LPU11 package in the mail today, after a month since it was shipped. I’m not gonna complain about how long it took because I know I’m lucky and there’s people who waited waaay more than me, BUT:

  1. I had to pay 15 more euros to the postman for custom fees. I didn’t know I would have to do that, so I was kinda surprised. Did you guys get that too, when you got your packages?
    I also got other orders from the LPU earlier, and I didn’t have to pay anything for them. What’s different between the packages?

  2. The package contains: shirt, flag, earplugs, earplug case and lanyard, but NO laminate. Should I signal the lack of it to ground(ctrl) or should I wait for it to get here separately? And, is there any possibility for me to pay other fees when it’ll arrive?

  1. In some countries it is “normal” that You have to pay customs fee. And by “normal” I mean that it’s common but sometimes people don’t have to do it. And yeah, some of us here had to pay it too so You’re not the 1st one.
  2. Contact ground(ctrl) support about Your laminate. They should help. Also You won’t have to pay any customs fee for it.

I actually had to pay $35 in custom fees to get mine from the post office. In my country we have to do that when the value of the contents are higher than $30 and if it says “including clothing”.

Like they said above, fees are extra to some countries. It is mentioned when you place an order.
Secondly just contact ground(ctrl)