LPU Meet & Greet Pics


Do the LPU winners get a pic with Mike as well? Or is this just for the people that were able to purchase VIP tickets?


LPU gets pictures with him.


I was wondering the same thing! Thank you :slight_smile:


How long does it take to get the link via email?


Forever? I saw him on Oct 21st and still cant find an email. My wife bought me the meet and greet but couldnt come, she wants to see that picture!

The nice russian girl who was leading the M&G and taking pictures said itd be emailed, but im not sure how she’ll know who to send them to. They wouldnt let us take pictures with our phone, so the official picture is the only one.

who should i contact?


When i saw my photos weren’t in the one that came to me, I emailed lpuhq@lpunderground.com and they were able to send me all the pics they took for that show, and I just went thru them until I found my pic. The photos should’ve come from LPU HQ. Reach out to them and they should be able to assist you.