LPU Early Entry to Carson Show.. Laminate lanyard hasn't arrived yet?


I haven’t received the LPU11 lanyard from my renewal… I read all the FAQ’s regarding the LPU early entry and called ground central regarding this…

They mentioned that I MIGHT be able to get in if I bring my receipt… Is there anything that can be provided (temporary print out??) I asked to see if they could put my lanyard at the will call area but they said they couldn’t do that… Is there any options to get me my lanyard in time or alternative?

I want to make sure that I will be able to get in the early entry line this Saturday since I am a member :frowning:


Go here - http://www.lpunderground.com/account

Print that out, has your expiration date. Bring that, should be good.

If anyone wants an extra one, I can sell you mine back for $25. I have not had to use it yet as I have seats. I also bought an extra one for my sis wanting to do a meet and greet together but she didn’t get chosen.