LPU Early Entrance

Hey guys,

LPU 11 says that members get early entrance to the show on presentation of the LPU pass, can any1 tell me how much earlier we get to go in and if there is maybe a separate entrance or whatever.

I doubt that in SA the guards at the door will believe that there is such a thing as LPU, they will think that these “agents” are trying to jump the que.

any help from long time members would be appreciated.

If I was you, I would arrive 1/2 hours before the show!

Keep in mind that you have to beat all the other LPU fans in the line as well if you want to get

front row, that’s what I think anyway.

Every arena should know about the LPU and warned about this situation!

Sigh There are a couple threads about this already. One of them is currently a couple down from this one in the The Underground forum that is waiting for an answer. Please use the search bar and/or look before making duplicate posts please. Thank you.